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    Psychology & Religion ( Ravanshenasi va Din)

    A Quarterly Jurnal of Psychological Inquiry

    Since religion is designed to guide, educate and responding to the spiritual and material needs of man, Its teachings are then regulated according to nature, and coordinate with the physical and psychological needs of man. In order to understand human nature and his psychological rules, Religious teachings and its principles should be considered To provide better ground for research on psychological processes. Thus, the interaction between psychology and religion take shape. In light of this view, the Department of Psychology at the Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute (RA) has published the Journal of Psychology and Religion. The first issue of this journal was published in 1386 with hope to provide scientific context, Will benefit from the knowledge and opinions of experts in these two fields.
    Scientific rank: Academic - Research
    Publication of Quarterly
    ISSN: 2008-1782
    Language: Persian - English
    Start: 2006
    Proprietor: Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute (RA)
    Manager: Mohamed Nasser Biria
    Editor: Mohammad Reza Ahmadi 



    ماهنامه علمی-ترویجی معرفت

    Journal of MARIFAT
    Period of issue: Monthly
    Subject: Humanities - Islamic
    ISSN: 1023-6015
    Language: Farsi
    Start publishing: 1991
     Proprietor: Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute (RA)
    Manager: Ahmad Rahnemai
     Editorial: Ali Sajedi

    Biquarterly Jurnal of

    Studies in Islam & Psychology

    The main aim of the journal Publication of research in the field of Islamic Studies and Psychology,   Scientific information,  To provide context for the exchange of ideas and opinions of researchers in this field, Prepare the grounds for knowledge production, thought and theory in this field and to prepare context for further development and promotion of Islamic psychology.
    Islamic Studies and Psychology
    Academic: Science - Research (seminary)
    The Publication of: Every six months
    Language: Farsi
    Circulation: 1500 edition
    Proprietor: Research Institute of Seminary and University (Hozeh va Daneshgah)
    Manager: Mohammad Gharavi
    Editor: Dr. Mohammad Kaviani