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    According to the Association objectives, scientific meetings, courses, and specialized workshops always has been a priority of the Association.
    Some activities:
    A. Hold of 35 Scientific Meeting by different psychological topics, including:
    1)Positive Psychology
    2)Relationship of "love styles" with "personality"
    3)Psychology of Advertising
    4)Relationship 'marital satisfaction (based on religion) "and" emotional stability. "
    5)"Personality shaping" and "treat disorders" based on religious self-discovery
    6)Psychology in the Qur'an
    7)Model for the "perfect man" based on "the character of the Prophet (pbuh)"
    8)Perspective on the Philosophy of Psychology and Review
    9) Islamic lifestyle
    10) Religious therapy (1,2,3)
    11) Happiness from an Islamic perspective
    12) Decoding the Mystery of Life
    13) Religiosity measures at the international level
    14) Islamic Psychology, Truth or Delusion?
    15) Mate selection criteria
    16) Build self-control scale
    17) Examining differences in DSM-V and DSM-IV
    (B). Holding more than 12 workshop sessions:
    1) Short Term Psychotherapy
    2) Workshop software SPSS (two courses)
    3) Positive - therapy with Islamic approach
    4) Psychological traditions(Hadiths)
    5) Wife selection
    6) Cattell test
    (C). Organization of scientific conferences:
    1) The role of religious culture-making in the social security
    2) Gender, from the religion and psychology point of view
    (D). Training classes "Fiqh al-Hadith,with relying psychological Hadiths and methods of Ejtehadi comprehension the Quran.