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    Deficiencies in Western psychology and also Available potentials in Islamic sources for psychological issues, prompt some scholars seminary and experts on the psychology to Come together and pave the deepening and development of psychology and consulting in seminaries In the form of Islamic Association of Psychology.
    Chapter I: General
    Article 1. To develop, promote and enhance scientific activities in the fields of psychology and counseling, the Islamic psychology Association, that hereinafter called In this Statute the "Association" was established.

    Article 2. "Association" is a non-profit and seminary institute, with the permission of "Scientific Council for granting licenses and concessions" and works under the supervision of the Council in the fields of psychology and counseling. And from the date of approval, has a legal entity And naturalization IRI and is responsible for its operation and accountability to the concil.

    Article 3. Association, is a non-political organization
    And its members under the name of the Association or as a member of the Association have no permission for political action or dependence to political groups and parties.
    Article 4. Official commenting under the Board Name, will be according to the regulations adopted by "Scientific Council for granting licenses and concessions".
    Article 5. Violation of Articles 3 and 4, by the members of the Board or the General Assembly, in accordance with regulations adopted by the Board, the suspension, expulsion or prosecution would be.
    Article 6. Association, and special stamp and logo will And the Board has the legal responsibility to protect and preserve them.
    Article 7. Association office is located in the city of Qom, the address (6 - alley 2 - Jomhoori Eslami Blvd. - Qom - Iran - 3716685746).
    Article 8. in case of Association Office change, Secretariat of the Council and the granting of concessions and members should be informed.
    Chapter II: Goals and Duties
    Article 9. Objectives of the Association are as follows:
    1. deepening and development of Special issues in Psychology and Counseling with an emphasis on Islamic teaching
    2. Strengthening and expanding theorizing, questioning, critique and debate based on Islamic teaching.
    3. To promote scientific and spiritual dignity of researchers and faculty .
    4. Optimal utilization of existing expertise capacities.
    5. Strengthening links between leading scientists and the Seminary scholars.
    6. Preserve the seminary tradition in the field of psychology, counseling and methods of Ijtihad in this area.
    7. Identifying Talents and elite in the Seminary.