welcome to "Islamic Psychology Association"

founding board of Islamic Psychology Association

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    The founding board (according to the Statute):
    Article 22. Founding members are a group of scholars and seminary professors (minimum 7 and maximum 15 people) of Level 4 degree in hozeh, or equivalent degree in psychology and counseling, they found the Association with the permission of the Scientific Council for granting licenses and concessions.
    Article 23. The founding board duties
    1. Attract "Permanent members" and the first session of the General Assembly;
    Two. Elections,in the first session of the General Assembly,to select the Board of Directors up to six months after the permit;
    Three. Managing the Association until the selection board.
    Founding board members:
    1. Mohammad Gharavi
    2. Abu al-Qasim Bashiri
    3. Davood husseini
    4.  Akbar Abbasi
    5. Seyed Mehdi Mousavi Asl
    6. Rahim Myrdrykvandy
    7. Valiollah Hashempour.